Free Simple Strategies To Get Foreign Clients

Do you provide digital services and looking for foreign clients, then this article can help you with finding out foreign leads with free simple strategies. I will also share some tips to close those foreign leads, hence stick to this blog post till the end. 

First thing first, why one should look for foreign clients in the first place when we already have so much big market of potential Indian clients, which are also easy to close. 

The answer to this is pretty straightforward, we all know foreign clients pay in dollars and thus closing foreign clients can lead to high ticket closing. Another thing, there is a lot of headaches in handling Indian clients from payment related issues to explain the workflow and technical aspects related to projects. If you had ever worked in a digital agency or done freelancing you can understand this pain.

Hence I recommend targeting foreign clients from the USA, UK, etc. 

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Now comes what are the strategies to find out such potential clients and do a high ticket closer. For that let’s start with:

Twitter Strategies To Get Foreign Clients

Twitter is a great place to find out foreign people who can be your potential client’s coz most of the professional people on Twitter mention their profession and work in the Bio. This makes it easier for us to filter out people on the basis of our service niche. 


Another trick to mine data from Twitter is to just search the string related to the service you provide in double-quotes, look for the potential search results. Follow that account, follow their activities for several days and also engaging with them and then pitch them through the Twitter message box. In this way, you will know their traits as well coz you are following them for a long and thus lead to warm pitch to those potential clients. 

Trust me, this Twitter strategy to get foreign clients can do wonders for you. 


Linkedin Strategies To Get Foreign Clients

Very similar to Twitter, LinkedIn is also a great platform to generate foreign leads, even better than Twitter. The things that make Linkedin better than any other social media platforms to get foreign clients are:

A lot of filtering option based on location, language, industry, companies, jobs, and many more, makes it much easier to highly target potential foreign clients. 

Most of the audience on LinkedIn are professionals and entrepreneurs and use Linkedin as a professional platform to showcase their business. 

As discussed above in the Twitter section, search for those potential lead, follow them for several days, and then pitch them through the Linkedin message box.  


Quora Strategies To Get Foreign Clients

Quora is a value-driven platform, many experts share their knowledge on the queries that we ask. Sharing knowledge and answering questions is not one-sided and this makes Quora a great platform to generate leads.  

As we know sales is all about consulting and helping your potential client, letting them know about how they can benefit from your services and how much experts you are. This is where Quora can help you, you just have to regularly answer the questions related to your service niche, and soon you will see people approaching you through Quora. 

Keep this in mind, ‘if you want to avoid rejection, you have to deliver value first before asking for something’


Crunchbase Strategies To Get Foreign Clients

Crunchbase is a directory of business. If you want to find out any company, how much it’s worth, how much funding it got, its founders, etc, all this information you can get through this platform. 

Hence you can target potential clients based on all the aspects mentioned above. 

Let’s say you provide marketing services, through Crunchbase you well know the startups which recently got the funding and be willing to spend a good chunk on marketing. Thus you can take out email id and social media accounts of the founders and owners of those startups and start pitching. 


Utilizing BuiltWith to Generate Foreign Leads. 

BuiltWith is a platform that provides information related to, which website uses what technologies and vice versa. Now you may ask, “how this will help you to get foreign clients?”. And that is where my strategy will come into place. 

BuiltWith can help us to find technologies our potential clients are using by searching out keywords which are related to our services or digital product. Thus we can extract out data of the people who are using our competitor’s technology and pitch them ours instead. As they are already using the similar service/product which you provide, if you are able to convince them that your service/product is better than the one they are using, they will be happy to switch. 

Another thing is, as you will already know which platform, they are utilizing for them, this can drastically increase your conversation and pitch, which can lead to better closure probability. 

Utilizing BuiltWith to Generate Foreign Leads.


Wrapping it up, in this blog, we had discussed some strategies and platform which you can utilize to get foreign clients and also getting the higher chances of closers. There are a lot more strategies and platform which can’t be covered in a single blog post. Hence I recommend you to regularly check out Unblogg for such great lead generation strategies related blogs. 


Till then, stay learning… 



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