Top 3 Ways Social Media Marketing Benefits Your Business

Social media marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Its incredible benefits can help your business reach millions of customers across the globe.

A robust social media marketing strategy makes it easy to spread the word about your business and products. If you’re not making the most out of it, you’re missing out an incredible marketing opportunity.

Social media marketing benefits extend far beyond just increasing sales numbers. The top 3 benefits you should know about include:

1. Brand Recognition

2. Customer Research and Remarketing

3. Improved Traffic and Rankings

1. Brand Recognition

Generating brand recognition is one of the most crucial marketing goals of any business. It is essential because consumers want to buy brands they recognise and like. As per a survey conducted by Sprout Social, 70% of marketers’ voted increasing brand recognition to be their most significant goal for social media. 


According to Brandirectory, Coca-Cola is one of the most recognised brands in the world


You can leverage social media as a cost-effective and profitable digital marketing platform that increases your business visibility online. Get started by creating social media handles for your business. 

Consider hiring an agency to develop a social media strategy; this will help in planning your content and delivering it to your potential customers. If your campaign hits the right chord, your business can see a significant rise in recognition and number of followers.

2. Customer Research and Re-marketing

Social media marketing helps you understand your customers and what’s important to them. It lets you identify the ongoing trends your potential customers are following. 

You can learn how your product can solve the issues that they’re struggling with. You can create content addressing those pain points and the solution you provide. You can also learn the language that your potential customers mostly use.

Netflix has become a milestone in Twitter engagement.

Generally, only 2% of potential customers end up buying something when they visit your site for the first time. Social media marketing helps you reach that other 98%. 

If you’re keeping a record of people visiting your site, you can place a retargeting ad when they’re scrolling their social media profiles. This way, your business gets to be in the eyes of the customers even when they’re not on your website.

3. Improved Traffic and Rankings

An effective social media plan can assist in increasing your website traffic. You can persuade the target audience to visit your website by sharing relevant content. The algorithm is simple: the more quality content you create, the more traffic you generate. Not to forget, more traffic brings conversion opportunities as well.

Converse seamlessly connects their Instagram and website.

The algorithm to search engine ranking keeps evolving day by day. Gone are the days when merely optimising your website and updating regular blogs was enough to do the job. 

Nowadays, successful brands emphasise on having a strong social media presence. It helps the search engines to recognise your business as valuable and credible to the customers.

Benefits of social media for BUSINESS!

Do you want to miss out on an inexpensive and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population? The answer will be NO! This is why you need to understand the benefits and take full advantage of social.

Amid the rising competition, it’s hard to imagine success for any business without a social media presence. It’s a cost-effective medium to connect more customers, create brand awareness and develop a healthy customer relationship. 
The right social media marketing plan also leads to a surge in traffic, increased brand loyalty and better ranking on search engines like Google.

You need to take ACTION!

The competition for your business is already increasing on social media as you read this blog. To not let your competitors take your potential customers, you have to act and make the next right move. The earlier you start with social media marketing, the faster you experience growth. You can consider hiring a digital agency that can help you come up with a fast and surefire way to generate more engagement and reach on social media.


You can request a free social media audit from Adtric and set goals to make your social media more actionable.



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