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Every social media platform out there heavily really on some core concepts, which helps these platforms to direct their growth in a certain direction and attracting a certain audience. As said ‘brand for all is brand for none’ hence these social media platforms know this very well. Thus if you follow Instagram core concepts it will naturally help you to grow on Instagram fast and Instagram will also push you.  

Social media platforms understand the human psycho very well and their algorithm and core concepts synchronize with it very well. 

I had done a lot of research on the Instagram platform and tried to understand Instagram’s core concepts and how their algorithm works and how they synchronize all this with human psychology, coz that’s the only way to crack the secret of growing on Instagram fast. 

With all this research I had concluded three main core concepts on which Instagram relies on and some of the best digital marketers also disscusses these core concepts again and again. Which I will gonna discuss below. 

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So without further ado let’s dive into it. 



Instagram embraces attractive images and videos, as it is a visual platform and heavily relies on visual elements. If your image is attractive enough, you will surely start getting promoted by Instagram. Just look at why these models, Tiktokers, etc photographers have so much following and traction.

Another thing regarding aesthetics is that the majority of the audience on Instagram are young ones and there is a good ratio between males and females, this also gives us an idea that what will work on Insta and what not. 

We all know young people got attracted to glamour, style, comedy, and if you are using Insta for some time you had also realized it. Just look at your explore tab, it clearly emphasizes what I just said. 


Kylie Jenner's most liked picture

Look at this picture of Kylie Jenner, this got around 13 million likes. Thus if you also looking forward to such engagements, works on the aesthetics of your account.


Value Adding

Adding value to the life of the user/visitor will definitely make you shine. The platform like Linkedin and Quora, Reddit heavily rely on value-adding and so do Instagram. It’s true that Instagram place is to have fun and get entertain, and Insta users love to do that too. But think from the perspective of platform owners, they always wanted their platform to be valuable for their users and their platform be able to make a change in the life of users. 

That’s is the reason why personal development, self-help, self-care accounts are getting a lot of tractions. The Instagram platform does try to create buzz for these content as it does for actors and actresses pics.  

Also thinking from the users’ perspective, through these value-adding content their subconscious mind starts thinking that they are not just wasting their time on Instagram coz they are also learning something valuable that they can inculcate in their life.  



Storytelling is an art and it works in favor of almost any social media platform. If you tell your story, your lifestyle, in a constructive way, people will gonna love you and your content. 

Many of the audience will be able to relate with you and thus it will help you with building a reliable fan following and audience. 

We have a psycho of knowing what is happening in another’s life or how that person is able to reach the position where he/she is at right now. Hence you can leverage this human tendency in your favor and with platforms like Instagram you got an edge over the others platform coz you can share your story in pictures, text, videos, format on spaces like feed, IG TV, Insta stories, reels, etc with are a really good medium of storytelling.


most liked Instagram posts

Look at these all-time top posts on Instagram, it tells the whole truth about storytelling and what works well on Insta.


Wrapping it up 

Growing on Instagram is not a techie, it’s just you have knowledge about human psychology and have clarity in your mind about where you wanna direct your personal brand/business. And the Instagram concepts which we had to discuss above are derived from this only.   

I hope this article will help you in some way. Comment down 👇 your feedback below. 


Have a nice day…

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