How To Make Facebook Messenger Auto-Reply To Your Facebook Page Comments

If you are looking for how to make Facebook Messenger auto-reply to your Facebook page comments, then in this blog we had covered the best tools which you can utilize to do so and also how you can setup this for your Facebook page, hence stick with this article till the end. 


Benefits of setting up Facebook messenger auto-reply

If your Facebook page attracts tons of engagements in form of comments then it will gonna be very difficult for you to manually go to each profile and drop your message to their Messenger chat. 

If you are a brand, it is always a good option to keep connecting with your audience and appreciate them for their valuable feedback.  

Another benefit of connecting with your potential audience on Facebook Messenger is, it will trigger Facebook regarding the relevancy of that audience and try to showcase your page to similar people of interest. 

If you are looking to provide customer support through Facebook setting up Facebook messenger auto-reply to page comments is crucial. 


With all those goodness of connecting with your audience on Facebook Messanger and setting up auto-responder, now let’s jump on to, which tool should one use to set auto-reply on Facebook page comments using Messanger.


The best free tools to set up an auto-reply on Facebook page comments 

There are a number of tools in the market right now which you can utilize to set auto-reply on Facebook page comments. These are:


All these have the free functionality to set up autoresponders to Facebook page comments. They also provide a pro plan if you want to utilize their more advanced functionalities. 

For the setup demo in this blog, I will be using Wyzebulb.  


How To set up tool for auto-responder to Facebook Page Comments

Here I will showcase in the step by step how you can utilize Wyzebulb to setup auto-responder to Facebook Page Comments.

Here you can watch the introduction video to Wyzebulb 



First thing first, signup for Wyzebulb, you can also use either Facebook or Gmail to do so.


After you create your account you will land on this page. 


Here all the favorable settings are already set for you, you don’t need to mess up with any, except for a few things which I will mention.

In the ‘Trigger’ section, navigate to the account.

And Choose the Facebook page for which you want to set up a comment auto-responder and connect it with Wyzebulb.


Just click on save + continue after that.


Now you will start seeing the new section under ‘Trigger’, which is ‘Test event’. Just click on it. 


Select the ‘Test Sample #1’ and then click on ‘SAVE + CONTINUE’ and then you are done with the ‘Trigger’ Part.


Similarly, for the ‘Action’ section, repeat the same process to connect the Facebook Messanger to Wyzebulb.


After which you will see a new section which is ‘Setup action template’, this is an important part of all this setup. Just click on it.


When you click on it, you will see a message setup box. Type the message that you want to deliver through the messenger to all the comments that you got on your Facebook page. 


To make it more personalized, just click on ‘+’ you will see different tags that you can add to your message. For example, you can add a tag ‘From Step 1 – FB Profile Name of the person who commented’ to add the name of the person who commented, in your message to make it more personalized.


After typing your message, just click on ‘SAVE + CONTINUE’


Finally after completing all this just click on ‘SAVE FLOW’  


Below you can see the flow in your dashboard, you can create more such flows. Also don’t forget to test your setup, by commenting on any of your page posts through another Facebook account. 


That’s all you have to do, to set up Wyzebulb for auto-responder to Facebook Page Comments. 


Hence this is all about why Facebook auto-responders are beneficial, which are the best tools to implement it, and step by step on how to implement it through Wyzebulb. 

Hope you find this article helpful, do let us know your feedback in the comments box below. 










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