How To Grow Followers On Instagram | Instagram Growth Strategy 2020

Instagram is the hottest social media platform right now and this year, it got a 5.4% increase over 2019 with over 130 million users in the U.S. alone whereas 100 million in India. With that said, if you are looking for how to grow followers on Instagram in 2020 you had stumbled upon the right place. 

Before understanding how to grow followers on Instagram organically, first, we have to understand the core concepts of Instagram and how its algorithms work. Each and every social media platform somewhat work on the same core concepts with slight differences. 

I had covered all the Instagram core concepts in our past blog, 👇 click on the link below to check it out. 

(Grow On Instagram Fast | Instagram Core Concepts)

Now coming to our current topic, ‘How To Grow Followers On Instagram’ I will gonna discuss some strategies which will surely reward you with good numbers of followers. 

But first, we have to be honest, we all know good content beats all the tactics and strategy, and the one with good content and good strategy as well beats the all. 

So without further ado, let’s get started. 


1) Be active on all the Surfaces 

If you want to gain followers on regular basis, then you should post at least once on any of the surfaces (which I will discuss below) in a span of 24 hrs.  

Like any other platform, Instagram provides users many different ways to share their content, like: 

  • Feed
  • Articles 
  • IG TV
  • Story
  • Live
  • Reels 

All these are called surfaces, and to grow followers, one must be active on all these surfaces. 

Taking briefly about each one of these surfaces:


Instagram Feed:

It is your primary page which shows all of your posts in the grid display. One must always keep this grid neat and attractive to catch the attention of the visitor and always keep on updating it with new posts. 

Grid visible aspect ratio is 1:1 so keep all your main visual elements of your post accordingly,  


Instagram Articles:

It is also a part of the feed, but the content format is far different from normal posts. Firstly the article utilizes the latest feature of Instagram (Before reels), which is a carousel posting. This feature allows the user to post multiple images in a row in a carousel format.  

Another good thing is that through this new feature, people start sharing valuable content, stories, articles. Such content has very high chances of getting traction and post saves. 

All this triggers the Instagram algorithm a lot. 

To get an idea about how rewarding these articles can be, you can check out people like Chris Do, @thechristosnikas  on Instagram.

So the final verdict about the articles it is to, shares valuable content, do storytelling through these articles and you will surely attract tons of new followers each day.  



We all know the video form of content works better than any other type of content format. That’s why we have seen the Insta accounts with a good amount of video content attracted a lot of users. Hence regularly posting on IGTV will prove to be very rewarding for you. 

You need not to have heavy camera equipments or mics for these kinda videos, just shoot it through your phone and share it on IG. 


Instagram Story:

Stories are one of the best ways to showcase you, your life, your thoughts, and much more in a quick and snappy way. And with the Instagram stories, you got a lot of functionality to make your story popup. Regularly posting on stories, is a good way to keep your followers up to date. 

One quick little secret to get higher stories to view is after sharing multiple stories, add one engaging story at the last (Like your own picture, polls, quiz, and many more such types), it will trigger Instagram to showcase your earlier stories too. 


Instagram Live:

Insta live is a very good way to keep engaging your followers, and also attracting new followers by doing live collaborations with others’ accounts. This Instagram functionality helped many accounts in this COVID lockdown, to gain new followers, and you know very well why so.   


Instagram Reels:

Nowadays short form of content is working very well, this is due to a decrease in the attention span of the people and this is where Instagram reels come into play. 

With the ban of TikTok in India, Instagram had hugely promoted its reels feature to its users. We are seeing a ton of views and engagements on reels posts due to higher reach than any other surfaces.  

If you had not tried it till now, just go for it, you will definitely see good results.  


2) Apply attention-grabbing practices.  

With a lot of users on Insta and less attention span, it is very difficult to get noticed by someone. Hence in these situations, one must practice some attention-grabbing tactics which are pretty obvious but seems like not many of us are following it.  


These practices are: 

  • Use short and clear username (No numbers, no signs, and less than 14 characters)
  • High quality and attractive DP.
  • Attractive bio which defines you (No unnecessary quotes, no slang language)
  • Custom highlight cover image. 
  • Good looking and clean grid.
  • Attractive caption. (Must avoid posting with no caption)
  • Post high-quality pics. 
  • Use ticker timer over videos.
  • Custom IG and Reel thumbnail (consisting of the call to action)
  • For IG, tells the purpose of the video at the start.
  • Build an aspiration account.


3) Some other tactics/strategy to grow followers on Instagram.

Some other tactics and strategy that work well on Instagram to gain followers are: 



Use relevant hashtags on all your posts, it will showcase your post in that hashtag, which again boosts the visibility of your post.

You can add these hashtags either in your post caption or in the comment of your post, both work well.  

Things that one should keep in check while using hashtags are: 

  • Not to use more than 30 hashtags in a single post.
  • Not to repeat the same hashtags set in multiple posts (Coz it will lead to hashtags spamming)  


Content Reposting:

Instagram doesn’t limit the user from reposting the same content as that like Reddit does, hence feel free to repost content. It always better to do some tweaks before reposting and giving credit to the account from where you got the inspiration.    

Many accounts like @rvcjinsta and many more, very well utilize this in their favor. 

Follow-unfollow method:

It’s a cheap method and good for the accounts which are having a very less number of followers. In this method just follow the accounts of the people who are in your niche and unfollow them later. Repeat this process multiple times a day, and you will be able to get a decent amount of followers. 

It is not the suggested method from my side, but it does work.

Things that one should keep in check while using method are:

  • Not to follow more than 40 accounts at a time.
  • Not to repeat this method in a span of one hr after doing it.   



It is recommended for any social media user to utilize all the new features whenever added by the social media platform. As these platforms try to promote their new user, in that case, your account can have a higher chance of getting promoted by them. 

There is no such thing as ‘secret to increasing followers on Instagram’. Just keep your content as best as possible and follow the strategies that I had discussed above. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog. 

Have a nice day… 

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