7 Signs Of A Great Entrepreneur

If you make a list of all the great entrepreneurs you will see certain traits that most of these entrepreneurs have in common. If you see these traits in yourself then, you could have a good chance with entrepreneurship. With that said, I had shorted out the 7 signs of a great entrepreneur and we will gonna discuss all of these ones by one in this blog. 


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1) Obsession

Some can consider it as a negative aspect of a person, but let’s be honest if someone wants to reach the height of something he/she must have to obsessed about it.

Waving passion for something is good, but passion is inconsistent. It varies with time and situation and to run a million-dollar business you really have to stick with that particular passion for long, whether you like some aspects of it or not. 

These great entrepreneur spends a ton of time working on their projects, they just not only spend time on their goals but also, live, breath, and eat just each and every aspect of it. 

If you see this kind of madness in yourself for something, you gained one point. 


2) Risk-Taker

It is said that, if one wants a greater reward then one had to take greater risks, ‘Greater the risk, greater will be the reward’. This goes very well with entrepreneurship, as in this world if one wants to crack big, he/she had to risk his/her wealth, health, time, relations, and much more. 

If you are the one who is not afraid of taking risks and you always try doing new things and taking bigger risks each time, then welcome to the club of entrepreneurs. 


3) Learning Mindset

To excel in any field you have to be doing continuous learning and this habit becomes even more necessary when you are in the ‘business world’. As we know business is not taught in school or even in the colleges (Practical One) and because of this, the people who are starting out have to pass through the phase of lots of continuous learning. 

Hence if one has the habit of continuous learning, will have an edge over those who don’t. Just take the example of Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Space X. He was not into rocket science before starting his Space X company but because of his learning mindset, he learned all the necessary things related to rocket just through books and started his own space agency, even when he was already the owner of four big companies. 

We can see from this example that, even reaching the highest level, a true entrepreneur never stops learning. Thus a learning mindset is a prominent trait that can be seen in many of these great entrepreneurs.


4) Problem-Solving Skills

The path of entrepreneurship is filled with errors and problems. All these great entrepreneurs that we know possess this problem-solving skill very well. Entrepreneurs always focus on solving the problems rather than just think about it or procrastinating and doing nothing. 

If you are the one who loves to solve problems, always look for new challenges, then you acquire this skill. 


5) Persuasion Skills 

If you are clear with your thoughts, know what you want, and are able to convince people for that, then congratulations you have the skill which is possessed by a very small group of people.

Persuasion skills are vital if you are running a business, coz you have to convince a lot of people on the journey of becoming a great entrepreneur. 

At the start of your business, you have to convince yourself, then your family, your relatives, your first client, investors, customers, and this list goes on and on. 

I think you got my point by now. 


6) Consistent/Hardworking

To become successful in anything you need to do hard work with consistency for a long and this quality becomes more notable when you are running a business, as there is a lot of hard work and smart work needed for it. 

Taking specifically about consistency, many people start with the business coz of fascination and tag linked with entrepreneurship but they aren’t able to consistently work on it and quite very early on. This is all because they don’t have the habit of consistently working on the same goal for long. 

If you or any of your known, remain consistent on what they say and do, they will surely get success with business and can become a great entrepreneur. 


7) Work Leveraging Skills

Ever thought why some businesses keep on working on a small scale despite being in the market for centuries and some business went public and global in just a few years of start.

That’s because the owner of that small business isn’t able to leverage the work properly, or we can say that they lack work leveraging skills. 

These kinds of business-people try to keep everything in their control and thus unknowingly they become like another employee of their own business. 

To become the owner of a million/billion-dollar company you must have to know how to get your work done from the top-notch professional who are experts in their fields. 


If you had worked in a group or worked on some projects or been a part of an organization and handled the work properly by leveraging the other people, then you had shown the most prominent sign from the 7 signs of a great entrepreneur. 

Just keep on working on it and I assure that you will not have a hard time expanding your business or even in starting it out. 


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