15 Small Business Ideas for Anyone Wanting to Quit Nine-to-Five [2020 Edition]

So you have finally decided to quit your nine-to-five job and becoming your own boss. It’s likely that you’ve already considered several small business ideas. While you may have plenty of enthusiasm, it can be tricky to find the right approach.

To help you further, we’ve put together a list of 15 small business ideas. And if none of these makes sense, pay attention to the words of OYO founder Ritesh Agarwal: “Having a passion for solving a big problem and leaving a huge impact. Once you have that, everything else falls into place.” Just try to find out what big problem your business can solve and you’ll find your next big idea.

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15 Small Business Ideas to Pursue in 2020:

1. Freelance developer

Professional web development is witnessing a surge in demand. From designing websites to offering technical support to other small businesses, you can find great success as a freelance developer. 

2. Life coach

If you’re a thinker, you can offer training and advice to clients about the adjustments they need to make in their personal and professional lives. Everybody wants some inspirational advice, and you could give that as a life coach.

3. Freelance writer

If you have skills and knowledge in writing, there will always be someone willing to pay for them. As a freelance writer, you can write blog posts, articles, book reviews, website copy and much more. Once you’ve got a portfolio ready, you can start sharing it with prospective clients.

4. Photographer

Photography businesses pick up by word of mouth. So if you’re good at it, make sure your photos reach more and more people. You can create an Instagram handle to showcase your photography business plan and acquire new clients.

5. Ecommerce store

Whether you need a platform to sell all your paintings or inspiration to keep creating more, an e-commerce store can surely get your started. The income you generate will make you financially strong to pursue your passion.

6. Career coach

The number of professionals out there to make job search easier is increasing fast, and you can be one of them. As a career coach, you can guide your students to compete against millions of fellow job-seekers.

7. Videographer

Video production can be quite expensive as you need to invest in the equipment. Once you have a reel of your work, you can attract more clients by sharing it. Since it’s expensive, your services become more valuable. 

8. Translator

If you speak or write a foreign language fluently, you can start providing translation services. You can also specialize in a specific niche such as medical or sports. Make sure you are qualified to be a translator with a degree or diploma.

9. Resume writer

Preparing a resume or cover letter to apply for new jobs can be difficult and time-consuming for many job seekers. You can assist clients with well-crafted resumes and well-edited cover letters that becomes hard for employers to ignore.

10. House cleaning business

House cleaning can be a great idea for starting a new business. You can advertise to your nearby locations and get lucrative clients. For higher paychecks, you can also target other small or mid-size companies as well.

11. Property manager

If you have properties that are vacant or not used for living purpose, you can turn this opportunity into a business. You can hire someone to take good care of the properties and rent it for occasions, events or family living. 

12. Interior designer

If you’re good at designing and arranging a space, interior designing business is worth considering for you. You can create beautiful and homely design plans for your clients. You can find projects for new homes or refurbishment of existing interiors and earn some good money.

13. Online tutor

Whether you want to teach maths or physician or music, you can do it online and get paid for it. There are always people out there willing to pay for learning new skills. You can advertise your services through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

14. Digital marketing consultant

If you possess excellent knowledge and experience in digital marketing, consider jumping into consultancy business. For example, if you’re an expert in SEO, you can market yourself as a consultant and get high-paying clients.

15. Event planner

As an event planner, you can specialize in a specific type of events like corporate meetings or weddings. If you pay keen attention to details and have been successful in organizing memorable events, the sky is the limit for you!

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